Clinical Research Division

Dr. Steve Anton and nutrition sciences major Madison Goetze present their research on the association between vitamin D supplementation and a reduction of falls experienced by older adults. 02/19/2018

The Division of Clinical Research for the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research and the Institute on Aging, led by Dr. Stephen Anton provides the infrastructure and resources for conducting clinical research. It includes controlled trials and epidemiological studies. The Division is home to an interdisciplinary group of investigators which include basic scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, sociologists, health services researchers and statisticians. The infrastructure of the Division includes the Aging and Geriatric Research Clinical Research facility (Clinical Research), the Health Promotion Center,and an Epidemiology of Aging Laboratory.

The  Clinical Research facility comprises 9500 square feet of clinical research space. The facility has a dedicated parking lot in front of the building and a direct entrance to facilitate access of research participants. Additional features include:  A reception and waiting area, exam and interview rooms, functional assessment laboratory, meeting rooms, a biological specimen’s processing laboratory, data entry stations, study coordinator’s offices, a study’s drugs storage room, several storage areas for study documents and freezers for the biological specimen’s repository.

The Epidemiology of Aging Laboratory has dedicated office space in the Clinical Research facility and maintains major epidemiology of aging data sets. These data sets are for data analyses by Division researchers. The interdisciplinary researchers of the Division collaborate to develop funded clinical research programs to prevent and rehabilitate physical disability associated with aging. The ultimate goal of the research program is to translate funding into clinical practice and to improve the quality of life in the elderly.