OAIC Leadership and Administrative Core

Marco Pahor

Marco Pahor M.D.

Professor & Director, Institute On Aging
Phone: (352) 294-5800
Lauren  Crump

Lauren Crump MPH

Vice Chair For Administration & Finance
Phone: (352) 294-5800

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The UF Older Americans Independence Center’s Leadership and Administrative Core (LAC) is responsible for strategic planning, organization, administrative operations and evaluation of the Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) Research and Training program. A special effort is being devoted to ensure the coherence of the Center and maintaining an interdisciplinary focus on the common research theme, which is “sarcopenia and prevention of disability”. The LAC tasks are being achieved by the Core Leader and the Executive Committee, the Independent Review Advisory Panel and the External Advisory Committee.

The specific functions of the Leadership Core are:

  • To provide overall scientific leadership and direction for the OAIC research and training program.
  • To render administrative and budgetary support for the program.
  • To coordinate the functions of the OAIC cores and projects in order to facilitate communication and foster translation between basic and clinical research and ensure access of investigators to core resources.
  • To assure the coordination of OAIC resources and functions with other research and training grants and institutional resources.
  • To communicate with other OAICs and the NIA, and to foster collaborations with other OAICs.
  • To facilitate compliance with guidelines and regulations regarding fiscal policy, human subjects, and animal care and use.
  • To set productivity benchmarks and monitor progress of individual projects and progress of junior investigators (this aim is shared with the RCDC), and deal with inadequate progress.
  • To promote quality, productivity and efficiency (timeliness) in all OAIC activities.
  • To arrange the annual meeting of the OAIC External Advisory Committee.
  • To maintain the OAIC web-based tracking and monitoring system to facilitate communication.
  • To promote the use of uniform assessment batteries in OAIC supported clinical research studies to optimize the use of OAIC resources.
  • To maintain the OAIC website and publish the OAIC newsletter.