Business Travel and Travel Request Form

Travel for Business Purposes for TEAMS and Academic Personnel

Travel Request

Business Travel Policy and Instructions

The faculty and staff’s UF and VA combined business related leave/travel is limited to a total of 20 business days per year.  Business travel over the 20 days limit will be reviewed carefully by the Department Chair for approval.  Any time away from the office (whether it is related to UF or VA related travel, vacation, scheduled sick time, jury duty, etc.) must be approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor per the reporting tree, as soon as the leave information becomes available (preferably no later than two weeks prior to the first day of leave), regardless whether it is within the 20 days business travel limit.  UF business travel is approved at the discretion of the employee’s direct supervisor

In preparation for business travel, please follow these steps:

1.      This step applies for all types of leave, including business travel: all employees planning to be away from work must discuss the planned absences with their direct supervisors and seek approval in writing (e-mail) in advance.

Note: All leave time unrelated to business travel such as vacation, sick time, etc., must be entered in the MyUFL system (PeopleSoft) time reporting section, either by the employee or the timekeeper of the division/department.

2.      The IOA travel authorization request form is required for out-of-town business travel

The form should be completed and forwarded to for financial approval at least two weeks prior to the travel start date. For travel planned in a future month, estimated costs for hotel, airfare, ground transportation, etc. can be used.  Division administrative personnel can assist with completing the IOA travel authorization if necessary.

3.      Once the IOA travel authorization request form is approved, a UF Travel authorization will be entered in PeopleSoft to insure liability coverage during the trip.

4.      Airfare and lodging will be arranged by department staff assigned to process travel.  Use of a personal credit card for these costs is not authorized.

5.      International Travel: All UF equipment, including laptops, require a Foreign Travel or Shipment Request completed at least 2 weeks prior to international travel. Contact the department Asset Manager who will submit on your behalf. Some countries have imposed sanctions and entry of certain equipment is restricted. Best practices include enable encryption and avoid traveling with unpublished data or research. After approval, you will receive a certificate that should help you in the case of attempted confiscation or improper duty fees by foreign authorities.

CISI Emergency and Health Insurance Plan:  All University of Florida faculty, staff and graduate students who are traveling abroad on University business (such as for conferences, research, meetings, etc.) are required to register with the UF International Center. By completing this registration, faculty, staff, and grad students will be enrolled in the CISI Emergency and Health Insurance Plan. This plan provides comprehensive health insurance with no deductible, including emergency evacuation, repatriation, travel assistance services and security coverage. This insurance is made possible with the support of the Office of the Provost, at no charge to the traveler. Please note that the CISI insurance plan only covers travel on university business and cannot be used for personal travel. If you combine personal travel with business travel, please enter only the start and end dates of the business portion of your trip.

Non Exempt Employees

If an non-exempt employee is required – as a result of University of Florida employment – to attend a meeting or conference, or otherwise work at an out-of-town location, such attendance or work, including travel time to out-of-town meetings, conferences, and work locations, whether or not such travel occurs during the employee’s normal work schedule, is considered time worked.  If the required travel occurs in the weekend, it is considered time worked.   When a non-exempt employee is in official travel status, time spent in travel may result in total hours for the week exceeding 40, in which case the employee is in overtime status and must be compensated according to standard overtime policies.

Exempt Employees

Exempt employees are not eligible for regular compensatory leave. With supervisory approval, an exempt TEAMS employee may adjust his or her workweek to take equivalent time off for hours worked in excess of the employee’s normal schedule due to traveling for business.

  • Travel to and from an employee’s home to the employee’s regularly assigned headquarters cannot be counted as hours worked.
  • Expenditures for travel between various locations on the main UF campus are not eligible for reimbursement.

Please contact your supervisor, administrative assistant or Central Leave at 392-2477, with questions.